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Wedding Officiant Dean Merrill

One of Los Angeles and Ventura county's most requested wedding officiants bringing 19 years’ experience creating one-of-a-kind, personalized, meaningful and creative ceremonies with style and panache!

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{Greetings and Welcome to my website!! |Good day!! Welcome to Dean Merrill Weddings!!| It’s Great to Meet You!! Welcome!! |If you are here and planning a wedding, you are my special guest!! C’mon in!!}

{After 19 years of officiating 100s of weddings I understand that the seemingly endless details in preparing for your BIG DAY are overwhelming.| Through 21 years of presiding over hundreds weddings, I am keenly aware of the unlimited particulars in getting ready for your HUGE CELEBRATION may seem overpowering. |I have been presiding over weddings for nearly two decades and I am fully aware of the long road of preparation that stands before you.} {But I want to give you assurance that everything WILL come together and your wedding will be fantastic!| But be assured, when the Big Day comes all the bullet points will have been checked and your ceremony will be exhilarating and wonderful. |But take heart, as the saying goes: “Don’t worry – Be Happy!” I have never been involved in a wedding-day disaster. Your wedding will be GREAT!}

Wedding Pastor {city}, CA

{As your wedding pastor, I am confident of this fact because you have delegated the specifics to caring people who are steadfast in wanting every wedding in which they serve to be well-executed and memorable.| As your wedding officiant, I am certain that you will assign the numerous responsibilities to competent individuals who take it to heart that every project they undertake (Especially a wedding) is excellent. |As your wedding minister I have confidence that you will trust caring individuals to take responsibility of the SMALL and BIG “stuff,” which will ensure that your wedding day will go off without a hitch. }{Preparation always equals excellence.| When your team is prepared, excellence will follow. |Quality is assured when preparation is present.} {This is especially true of your relationship with your wedding officiant.| This is particularly true of your friendship with your wedding minister.| This is specifically the case when it comes to a trusted rapport with your wedding pastor.} {I wholeheartedly believe that a fantastic wedding is one-of a kind written love story.| A memorable wedding is a one-of-a-kind creation that tells a special story of two special people. |The finest wedding ceremonies are a unique creation that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. }{It is a tribute that reflects the journey that has brought you to this day.| It is the grand finale of the special road you have traveled that brings you to your wedding day.| Your Big Day is a celebration of a relationship that is making the commitment for a lifetime.}

{It should not be stuffy, boring, and overly traditional.| Your wedding should not be a “yawner,” dull, or outdated.| It should not be described as monotonous, long, and dreary.} One of my thoughts about tradition is that we respect it, but we don’t worship it. {As your wedding minister I will collaborate with you and your fiancé to design a wedding that perfectly reflects your personalities.| As your wedding pastor I will work closely with you to create a ceremony that will be an expression of your unique relationship.| As your wedding officiant we will develop a personalized wedding that will be appealing and touching.} It will be a celebration of what makes you unique and worthy of a lifetime commitment. {My responsibility is to understand your vision and expectations for your wedding, which is 100% about YOUR dreams and desires.| Be assured, I have no agenda when it comes to creating your wedding. I will listen carefully to your story, desires, and backgrounds, and then follow through and use my experience and do what I do best.| As we prepare for your wedding day, I want there to be a growing confidence and excitement about your ceremony because it will be is more special than you could have imagined.}

Minister in {city}
My job is to create a one-of-a-kind memorable occasion that has your love story and personalities etched in stone. {How does this happen?|How does all of this happen?}It is a simple process, but one that is often overlooked. {A great wedding takes place because we have built authentic relationships.| An awesome wedding happens because of honest relationship-building.| Friendship-building with your wedding ministers is the key to a wonderful wedding. }{My approach is to invest sufficient time to become your comrade and confidant.| My desire is to spend quality time with you and become your friend and guide.|My goal is to get to know you as a couple so your ceremony will be personalized and appealing.}{I am not a “Hired Gun” wedding officiant.| As I approach 20 years of performing weddings, I make it a point to get to know a bride and groom as much as possible.| I do not feel comfortable doing a “show-and-go” for a couple’s wedding day. }

I have never “appeared” at a wedding in {city} without knowing the {couples|people|brida and groom} whom I will be marrying. Preparation requires that we meet and develop a friendship to ensure that your wedding is exactly what YOU desire. {90% of all weddings performed by officiants these days are scripted.| An overwhelming percentage of weddings performed by wedding officiants are scripts.| A vast majority of wedding ceremonies in this day and age are respectfully impersonal.}Your names are plugged into the blank lines and 20 minutes later your wedding is ready to go. With all due respect, I know of many wedding officiants who MAIL separate questionnaires to the bride and groom, then take their answers and write a scripted ceremony.

{For couples who don’t know the difference, this person may seem to be the “sufficient-officiant.”| If you are a bride or groom who doesn’t know the difference, this approach to wedding preparation is acceptable. |Sadly, too many couples have no idea that their wedding ceremony preparation could be so much more professional.}However, I know from experience that nothing can replace us meeting face to face or via Skype if we live a distance from each other. {After most weddings I perform, at least five or more guests come to me and say, “How long have you known the bride and groom? I think it was great how you made it personal and shared their story.”| I am humbled and gratified that there are usually many guests who approach me after a wedding commenting on how much it meant to them that the ceremony had a personal and meaningful touch.| When friends and family approach me after the wedding commenting how much they appreciated the personal touch, I know we have reached our goal. }These types of reactions happen because we have taken the time to know each other. {We develop a relationship of integrity as we prepare for your wedding.| We form a friendship that is “real” as we approach your wedding day.| We form an authentic connection as we plan for your special moment in time.} {So my humble advice to you is to not settle for the status quo of scripts and questionnaires. Your wedding can be every bit as personal, meaningful and memorable as your engagement and reception, and I would be honored if you contacted me so we can create a celebration that you, your family, and friends will never forget.| Your wedding ceremony can be the momentum that will allow your reception to be 10 times better than it would have been had you settled for less than best, and I would be thrilled to speak with you and create a wedding day that you and your guests will always remember.| Your wedding ceremony can actually be the catalyst for an amazing reception-celebration. With that thought in mind, I would be thrilled to speak with you and begin the journey to creating a wedding of a lifetime.}

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