If you are planning a wedding at a venue that does not provide a wedding coordinator, one of the most important issues to consider (Besides hiring a professional wedding officiant) is whether you bring aboard a personable, experienced, organizationally sound, creative, wedding coordinator. If you are beginning the process of planning for your big day without one, I assume you have lots of help who will “make it happen” when it’s time to say, “I do.” Planning a wedding on your own with a little help from friends and family is a daunting task. Do not underestimate how much of a physical and emotional toll it will take on you. Through all the excitement of the day to day planning, there are sure to be fears and tears due to the countless decisions and deadlines.  

Practically speaking, if you are having a smaller wedding with 50 or less guests, going it alone makes sense. However, if you are planning a wedding with over 100 people, a wedding coordinator is a team member you should seriously consider hiring.

As a wedding officiant, I receive many phone calls from couples asking me my thoughts on this issue.  My response sounds something like, “I understand you’re on a budget, but 10 years from now you won’t remember the money you spent on a coordinator, but you will remember how easy the planning process was because you hired a true professional who handled the details with ease and confidence. Yes, it stretched the budget a little, but it was MONEY WELL SPENT!  

What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

A gifted wedding coordinator is all about seeing the big picture, knowing every detail necessary to pull off an incredible event. They are logistical wizards. They have ample vendors from whom to choose who can do the job impeccably. They also take the couple away from the stress of negotiating contracts and understand the importance of staying within your budget. From the day you hire a coordinator, their job is to execute your vision for your wedding. They make planning the event seamless and smooth as possible. Is this a skill you can learn as you go? Perhaps. But in my experience the best wedding coordinators use their experience, creativity, and credentials to make them worth every penny. They have the ability to make your celebration exceed your expectations. They will make your wedding day far better than if you had taken on the tedious task of doing it yourself. I have experienced this hundreds of times!

A Brief Job Description of a Wedding Coordinator:

  1. Puts whatever time necessary to get the job done. They have a passion to make your wedding the BEST WEDDING!
  2. Has existing relationships with first-rate vendors who are a positive presence and will get the job done with excellence.  
  3. Can take the stress out of contract negotiations and will keep your wedding on budget.
  4. Plans and attends all meetings with vendors.
  5. Develop detailed timelines, floor plans and seating arrangements.
  6. Attends venue tours and menu tastings.
  7. Brainstorms style ideas and coordinates design details.
  8. Coordinates room reservations, negotiates hotel block room rates and hires transportation for the the bridal party, family and guests, if necessary.
  9. Works with the wedding officiant in planning and overseeing the processional, recessional and ceremony rehearsal.
  10. MAKES IT HAPPEN with calm and excellence on your wedding day; ensuring everyone adheres to the timeline, handles the unforeseen and unexpected, manages vendors, and executes your vision.

You Would Be an Excellent Candidate to Hire a Wedding Coordinator If . . .

  1. You are willing to stretch the budget with a clear understanding that it is the best and wisest decision.
  2. You are a person who has difficulty managing stress and wants to enjoy the days and months leading up to the wedding.
  3. You do not have friends and family who have ample time to help you.   
  4. You have a demanding career and little time to take on the endless details.

    About Dean

    Dean Merrill brings 22 years of experience as a wedding officiant in Southern California. His creative and professional approach to performing weddings comes from a unique blending of talents he utilizes in every ceremony in which he officiates. He is currently the preferred wedding officiant for Southern California’s #1 rated wedding coordinator, Bella Vita Events.