• Testimonials •

I am always humbled by reviews from amazing couples with whom I have had the honor of marrying. I have a life-calling to pour my heart into every wedding I perform. Why? Because a man and wife committing their lives to one another deserve it!

“I cannot say enough about Dean Merrill. What an amazing man. I have been to so many weddings that were beautiful but the ceremony never seemed to be personal towards the couple. It always felt like the bride and groom didn’t have a connection with their officiant. Not with Dean though. From the moment I first called him to officiate our wedding I knew he was different. He is beyond caring about you and your future partner. I loved the meetings where Dean took the time to get to know my future husband and I. It really made us stop during the stress of the wedding process and look at how we’ve grown together. He was always attentive and easy to reach, and so helpful during the whole wedding process. I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony! It was so personal and touching. I’ve had so many people say they loved how Dean put everything together with the ceremony.  If we decide to renew our vows we would love to have Dean be our officiant again.”


“Dean, Thanks for a wonderful ceremony and for taking care of everything regarding the license. All our guests loved your message. Thank you for making our special day so special. We were blessed to have you as our officiate. With gratitude and thanks.”


“During the ceremony, Dean has an amazing way of summarizing our times together and personalized the entire ceremony; its unique. No one will have the same wedding as anyone else with Dean. He wants the feeling and words to be about the two of you joining together with God. Thank you so much for our wedding!”


“From the first time we met Dean Merrill, my fiance and I were impressed with his professionalism, follow through, and attention to detail. In our first meeting with him, his relaxed personality put my fiances and I at ease. He told us how our wedding could be just as meaningful as our reception. It was so important to my husband that we not have a boring wedding. Dean came through with flying colors!! He was creative and engaged our audience from the first few moments of our ceremony. It was unlike any wedding we had ever attended. Dean always assured us that every detail of the wedding would be our decision. After the ceremony was over, many of our guests told us it was the best wedding they had ever attended.”


“Dean gives each couple a very tailored and customized ceremony. He goes the extra mile to ensure he understands the couple and to unite them “Their Way”! A fun and interactive experience!”


“Dean did an amazing job with our wedding. He listened to us and made the wedding personal and intimate. Our family and friends were equally impressed. Thanks for sharing our story with the ones we love in such a memorable way.”


“Dean Merrill is absolutely a class act, top of the line wedding officiant. He was warm and friendly when we met initially, and showed vested interest from the beginning to the end of our special day. He is very professional, and took the time to learn about us and help us to put together our thoughts and feelings into our wedding vows. He was patient and proficient about gathering information on our background and presenting it with such finesse at our ceremony. The audience was captivated by his demeanor and presentation style. We are grateful to him for making our wedding so much more special.”

- Karina & Mike ball

My husband and I were so very pleased with Dean Merrill as our wedding officiant! He was so poignant and professional. He clearly expressed our love and devotion to each other by perfectly telling “Our Story.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! I would highly recommend him for your special day!! Thank you Dean for an unforgettable wedding ceremony!!!!!

- Tara Russell

“Dean was totally authentic and genuine. He got to know us and really helped tell our story. People learned many things about us through our story and commented how much they enjoyed Dean. We loved him. Dean is great! He knew what kind people we were and helped set the tone for the entire evening. Perfect wedding and perfect Pastor! He’s special and you’d be fortunate to have him. Thanks Dean!”


“Dean, we just wanted to thank you again. You gave us the most beautiful ceremony! We could not believe how personal, emotional, and BEAUTIFUL you made it!! It was more than we ever imagined! Every one of our guests asked “Where did you find him!” “He made us cry” “He was Wonderful” You have been one of life’s many Blessings to us! Ours Hearts will always remember you on our special day!”


“Dean Merrill surpassed all of our high expectations. He made the whole process easy, fun and he really took the time to get to know us. On the big day, he really delivered an energetic and engaging ceremony with a personal touch that really made the moment ours. So many different people came to us and said the ceremony was touching, intimate and of course fun!”


“We can’t thank Dean Merrill enough for the incredible ceremony he performed! Dean did an amazing job telling our story in such a fun and loving way. It was complete and beautiful, and exactly what we wanted for our wedding. Our guests laughed, teared up, and are still talking about the great job Dean did. He truly cares about weddings, and goes above and beyond to ensure a perfect ceremony.” Thank you for making our wedding awesome! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with!”


“For my husband and I, it was very important that our ceremony focus solely on the union of us as a loving and devoted couple. Dean understood our wishes and created a ceremony that truly explained Justin and my love for each other. I cannot imagine any other wedding officiant performing our wedding, and I know we made the right choice in choosing Dean to perform our wedding. We received so many compliments on how beautiful a job Dean did and how he creatively painted a picture of Justin and I as a couple. He is a master at his craft!”


“What makes Dean’s wedding so special is that he spent time with us so he could capture our “special” story on our wedding day. So many officiants are hired to just show up and “tie the knot.” What makes Dean so special is that he is amazingly creative. His weddings are “tailor-made” with a personal touch that you won’t find anywhere else.”


“We decided we wanted Dean Merrill to officiate our wedding after we met him at an open house event. If you don’t get a chance to meet him in person, this will help put his charisma into perspective: He is the only officiant our wedding venue will recommend. A high standard to beat! We met before the wedding day to tell him all about our story, mixed in with pre-marital sessions. Dean has a great sense of humor, and his own background of marital anecdotes to share, which made the planning really fun. He surprised us with a few parts of our ceremony, and they turned out perfect. Our family and friends keep telling us what a great job he did at telling our story in such a personal and charming way!” We highly recommend this expert for your pre-marital counseling and wedding ceremony.”


“We did not want a long boring ceremony, and ours definitely was not. Our ceremony was perfect! Dean told the story of “us”. Josh and I are both extremely happy with the outcome of our ceremony. Several of our guests told us that they loved how special it was. A few even said that it was the best ceremony they had ever been to. One said, “I’ve never been to a ceremony like yours before. It was amazing!” Dean really knows what he’s doing and he has a great structured layout in place. Dean really took the time to get to know us and our story; and it showed. In return, we enjoyed getting to know him as well. We talked about Dean and how special and perfect our ceremony was for several days after our wedding. Hands down, we recommend Dean. There simply is no better choice for an Officiant. Dean rocks!”


“Dean created not only a memorable ceremony, but one that was thoughtful and conveyed our unique story. He made a great deal of effort to get to know us as a couple, and highlighted the details of how we met and fell in love. From our very first meeting, he engaged us to think about why we were choosing to get married to one another. A few days before our wedding, as Dean prepared us for the wedding procession, he asked us if we wanted to open our hearts and share our feelings for one another as part of the ceremony. Somehow, we mustered the courage to say a few words to one another, creating for a very special moment for us and our loved ones. Thank you Dean for everything! You went above and beyond what we expected, and we are grateful for all your effort and kindness.”


“Our wedding was truly extraordinary due to all of the hard work Dean put in. He never made us feel as if our ideas were taboo or silly. He was always there for us whenever we had a question. Above all else, he was a friend and a confidant when our do-it-yourself wedding became so difficult. He told our story of how we fell in love and filled our ceremony with everything we ever wanted or expected, and then some. Any couple would be lucky to have him as their officiant.”